Whatever you call lifestyle otherwise lifetime is a thing much bigger

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Whatever you call lifestyle otherwise lifetime is a thing much bigger

For this reason, poetry was, about top, degree

Ergo, the fresh new poets whom cure their interest and you will expression into the first element have been in the end just concerned with what exactly is within this vision of the many and do not express anything else than what we all know. Regardless of if what exactly is about characteristics is yet another element of characteristics. The 3rd question tells us one whatever you telephone call the fact is not based in the arena of instantaneous phenomena apart from into the their medical-positivist setting. The thing is, on the other hand, a puzzle hidden in this things, invisible within their indoor business.

The human can also be visited it, but only compliment of particular cognitive strategies, that are not positivist or scientific. Up against this new noticeable global, the new hidden is offered, and you will up against objective, the newest personal is provided. However, to overcome this new authoritative online game, the fresh new outside reality, immediate physical appearance, we want a revolutionary change in the ways of real information you to definitely is capable of complete liberation because of liberating just what spiritual, political and you may societal place asphyxiates, represses or ic of your subjective-interior industry, with its ideas, wishes and aspirations, having its unconsciousness, featuring its intuition, aspirations and you may repressions, and with exactly what brand new community of the human anatomy requires within the beating brand new people of the spirit and you can, especially, its religious versions. Poetry try passions and you will step at the same time.

It is the dynamic off impact and you can thinking about the human getting whenever wisdom anything and you may establishing relations with them If your people of your additional, according to the spiritual, governmental and you may public place, is limited and simple so you can establish, the brand new people of one’s interior try endless and you will impractical to determine. Of course the text expressed because of the first people is even limited, and you can definable, the text indicated by the 2nd try limitless and you will escapes all of the meaning. Thus, i telephone call the original of the two languages analytical, head and clear; together with second, psychological, ebony and you will metaphorical. The first takes into account the things and you may means her or him, as 2nd awakens and you will enriches them. Sufi creating are a connection with entry to the absolute, and therefore, concurrently, is seen on most readily useful creators of all of the times.

Their feelings is the fact of a good naturalism that will not see on the tree the interior movement of the resources, their drain and its own gains, but precisely the branches, departs and you will fresh fruit

The myth and symbol are a couple of ways approaching vaster profundities as well as picking out the best definition. The latest go back to myth is a kind of go back to collective unconsciousness, about what goes beyond the individual; it’s a return to people memories and its particular stories, to your earlier in the day knew once the a variety of unconsciousness. And all this is a symbol you to definitely overcomes this new cousin looking for the absolute.

New symbol, or misconception, is the meeting area involving the exterior as well as the indoor, involving the noticeable together with invisible. So that they try each other a question of irradiation, an energetic middle one increases everywhere. And you may, meanwhile, both of them express other degrees of facts inside their entirety. This enables the poet not only to tell you what we carry out not know, in addition to to replicate whatever you do know, from the connecting it toward dynamic of the unknown and infinite. Exactly what ‘s the symbol according to Arabic language? Icon (ramz) setting allusion (ixara), and you will allusion is one of the procedure regarding signification (dalala). To your thinker and you can boy out of letters al-jahiz, designation does not only take place using terms, and in addition owing to allusion.

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