Intimate perceptions and methods from teenagers in Northern Thailand

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Intimate perceptions and methods from teenagers in Northern Thailand


This research includes survey and qualitative research to your intimate practices certainly one of more step one,750 younger North Thai some body old 17-two decades. The brand new survey study mean that sexually active young adults frequently engage within the, otherwise try subjected to, risk-bringing behaviors that present them to sexually sent infections and you can unwanted pregnancies. They have been that have several intimate partners and a little frequent companion turnover. Higher percentages along with engage in exposed intercourse with different designs off intimate partner (regular, everyday and you will paid off), and you will ladies especially got will knowledgeable sexual coercion. Qualitative research revealed a combination of thinking and methods impacting intimate sex one of the younger, such as having unplanned sex, engaging in sexual affairs to show like or cement enough time relationships, and achieving serial dating, both monogamous and non-monogamous. I stop one condom have fun with should be a central notice out-of activities aimed at stopping bad intimate wellness outcomes, however, you to definitely the fresh intervention answers to encourage use of almost every other contraceptives are needed. Changes in intimate norms one of young adults also need to getting accepted and you will approved by more mature Thai years to make certain that apps and interventions to combat negative sexual and you will reproductive wellness outcomes so you can are more effective.


For many age today, substantial size of teens in most Western nations has actually involved with premarital gender. A survey in america regarding trend within the sexual activity certainly younger American lady away from 1982 so you can 1995 (Singh and Darroch 1999) showed that through that months from the forty % away from fifteen-19 year old people (and 27-28 percent of fifteen-17 season-olds) got had intercourse during the last 90 days. Santelli ainsi que al. (2000) on top of that reported 1995 estimates regarding about three national surveys off rates regarding 15-17 year-old Us ladies who had ever endured gender starting from 36.5 % so you’re able to percent, that have men rates raya dating dating anywhere between 41.step 3 % so you can 52.9 percent. Within the a study of twenty-four created countries (not including the united states) held when you look at the 2002 (Godeau ainsi que al. 2008), levels of sex sense certainly one of federal examples of fifteen year old students ranged from 17.2 % (Spain) so you’re able to percent (Ukraine) for males (average twenty four.6 per cent) and you can off per cent (Macedonia) so you can 39.9 per cent (England) for women (median 18.5 percent). Some other relative examination of 1991-96 analysis having Sweden, France, Canada, The united kingdom and also the United states (Darroch et al. 2001) discovered women coital sense in advance of decades 18 anywhere between 50.1 percent getting France to help you 65.2 % to have Sweden.

Inside Asia, national-top studies usually find premarital sex was less prevalent than just on the West, even though faster inside-depth knowledge concentrating on more youthful people’s intimate and you can reproductive fitness enjoys revealed that their sexual intercourse features demonstrably increased (Jejeebhoy mais aussi al. 2001; Gubhaju 2002; Bearinger et al. 2007). Outcome of surveys off adolescent intimate actions suggest that non-superficial proportions out of kids are now sexually experienced. For example, regarding Republic out of Korea over a decade ago, lookup showed that eleven percent regarding ladies and twenty four per cent of male middle school people advertised which have got premarital coital feel (Gayun 1996). Most people got had their intimate debut that have a beneficial date they planned to marry, if you find yourself over fifty percent of men had got the first intercourse which have an informal female buddy or a professional intercourse personnel. Inside the a survey done in the 2000 in the Phnom Penh certainly one of rural-urban migrant women old fifteen-twenty four employed in the garment production community (Nishigaya 2006), a leading proportion ( per cent) claimed having involved with premarital intercourse. This study used peer interviewers who had been apparel professionals on their own, and you will argues that manner in which sensitive and painful analysis eg talking about compiled is crucial to getting meaningful contributes to an excellent area whose culture towns and cities considerable pounds towards female premarital chastity. On the Lao Man’s Democratic Republic, a localized survey one of neighborhood participants inside Vientiane revealed that gender and pregnancy prior to relationship was in fact prominent plus or quicker acknowledged because of a common trust that maternity exterior ).

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