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Show Them You Know To Play Harder

Show Them You Know To Play Harder

  • “Hey, don’t tell me that the pic in your bio….”
  • “You may not believe it, but…”
  • “Have you ever thought about…”

After you’ve done this but seen not many results, it’s time to get a bit more courageous. You go out there and be more straightforward.

Staying in your comfort zone doesn’t always bring results, and this goes for online dating as well. Making bold compliments and teasing them about their interests makes you seem interesting in their eyes. And you don’t have to struggle much to do this since they’ve already done half the job for you…in their bio.

Find details in their bio you can relate to, and go for a challenging or intriguing question. Have fun with it. You’ll be surprised how smoothly the conversation flows when you approach it as a play.

E.g: Let’s say they’re a cat lover. Start with a pun such as: “I thought the purr-fect photo didn’t exist. I was so damn wrong!…”

Then, you could surely play around with spicy compliments, but that’s a bit risky business. Not everyone likes compliments from a stranger. (بیشتر…)

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